Welcome to Land Benefit.

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Hi, my name is Curt Kautsch, founder of the Land Benefit, your one stop shop for amazing land deals.

I have been involved in real estate investment and development for over 20 years. I have discovered that in a country with ever changing regulations and financial instability, people have become discouraged with traditional methods of investing. With an unpredictable stock market completely detached from reality, coupled with the “hoopla” of the traditional banking and financing systems, we strive to simplify the damaged systems by implementing sound investments strategies. It’s simple… WE BUY LAND!

I have always had a passion for the transactional side of real estate, which has already resulted in hundreds of land transactions across North America. I maintain the belief that there are endless opportunities to own your dream property at a great value, no matter your financial situation. The rich don’t get to have all the fun!

Possessing a higher education from the University of Texas at Austin and as a recognized collegiate athlete drafted by Major League Baseball, my discipline affords me to excel in owning and operating three successful companies in the state of Texas. With my life-partner, Sarah, we share a passion for helping others reach their financial goals. With a new, beautiful baby girl added to our family in 2020, sound investments couldn’t be more important to us. So, let us help build your dream in making your next investment in LAND!

Our goal is to make your land buying experience as simple as possible. After all we’re just like you and like to keep it simple!
We buy unique properties at wholesale prices all over the country, then pass the savings on to you!

How are we different?
We sell at WHOLESALE prices with AFFORDABLE seller financing options, which means, you can get a great deal on land to build a home, place a mobile home, or recreational use. The use of land is up to you!

Our financing is in house: NO banks, NO credit checks, NO background checks, NO third-party lenders
You have the option to close transactions in-house OR through title a company. It’ your choice!

Ready to Buy?

At Land Benefit we make buying your dream land easy! From HUGE cash discounts to seller finance options, we tailor to the needs of our customers so they can enjoy the benefits of owning land!


Buy land, they are not making any more!

— Mark Twain